Kitchen Unit BM

  • Bruno Moinard
  • Obumex
  • Copper
  • Brushed Wood
After John Pawson, Glenn Sestig, Joseph Dirand and Gilles & Boissier, the next top architect to design a signature kitchen for Obumex was Bruno Moinard. The French architect—whose design bureau 4BI drew, among others, the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, the Hôtel du Marc Veuve Cliquot and London's The Dorchester Hotel—stayed true to his style: timeless, elegant and extremely graphic.

This kitchen is no cooking laboratory but a functional ornament. An eye-catcher with artistic ambitions, conceived as a dynamic play of asymmetrical planes and lines. Copper, brushed wood, indirect light, brass and natural stone are the ingredients of this rhythmic composition. Luxurious material contrasts, taut lines ... Look at Jean Dunand or Jean-Michel Frank’s Art Deco room dividers and you will instinctively feel what arts décoratifs tradition Moinard subscribes to.

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