Kitchen Unit P

  • Poot Architects
  • Dries Otten
  • Brass
  • Rose Aurore
Yves Klein will forever be ‘that artist with the paintings of objects in electric blue’. Yet few people know that much of his work was created during energetic performances that included live music, blue paint, fire and nude models. The fact that his blue appears in the house of artist Joris Van de Moortel is no coincidence. All of Klein's art starts in performances that are like chaotic energy bombs in which he sometimes completely destroys his own set pieces and musical instruments. Their broken pieces are then transformed and sampled into new works. In these deconstructivist assemblages you recognize bits of drum kit, pieces of fluorescent tube or fragments of set elements.

This iconoclastic energy can also be felt in this design by POOT Architecten and Dries Otten. The sculptural aspect is clearly very important: the freestanding kitchen block functions as an asymmetrical base around which daily life takes place. Otten, a strict colourist and daring materialist, again opted for expressive materials in bold colour combinations. He confronts a pink-veined marble top with brass cabinet fronts, creating an optical sense of continuity with the terrazzo floor tiles. The colour pink also returns in the frame of the kitchen cabinet's frame, a red and yellow geometrical composition à la De Stijl.

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A fairly unusual feature is the planter sitting on top of the central kitchen island. Even more remarkable are the two plug-sockets that are sunk into the planter's side and furnished in the same pinkish marble as the kitchen island countertop. An innovation by Van Den Weghe that has been christened Lap®is.

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