Setting the
tone in stone

Setting the
tone in stone

Van Den Weghe is known as a high-end processor of marble and
natural stone with a sharp eye for luxury design.
Aesthetics, innovation and quality reign in our company.

Natural Stone

The art of natural stone goes far beyond the quarry. We travel the world to find the most inspiring material and bring this noble, challenging but beautiful material into custom-built projects or objects.

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Combining material and craftsmanship is a source for innovation. The result is our unique and tailored terrazzo approach. Our compositions are the foundation for every architect or designer to create outstanding concepts.

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Driven by innovation we are dedicated to the symbiosis of technology, aesthetics and artisanship.  In close collaboration with skilled architects and designers, we bring the allure of our luxury stone to residences and businesses across the globe.




Arjaan De Feyter

Kitchen Unit P

POOT architects

Artist Collaborations

Items are the result of the collaboration between Van Den Weghe and a selection of renowned architects, artists and designers. The signature objects are available in a limited edition series to honor the value of uniqueness.

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Become part of our team.

We are always looking for talented and entrepreneurial individuals to join our team. Curious explorers who want to be part of exciting projects to be proud of.

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Craftsmen at work

We believe architecture and design are of primary importance, which is why we want to pay tribute to natural stone and its various applications . The symbiosis of technology, art and craftsmanship is a continuing endeavour.

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