Van Den Weghe is one of the world’s premier natural stone companies. We combine a wide range of the most inspiring stones selected from quarries all over the globe with a state of the art workshop to process the material into high-end bespoke projects and objects.

The Quarry

This is the place where it all starts. Marble, granite, limestone and sandstone are cut and removed from their source. This process reveals block per block the secrets, treasures and the beauty nature has to offer.

Projects with Natural Stone

We are dedicated to transforming these treasures of raw material into architectural projects and unique valuable objects in close collaboration with skilled architects and designers.

Apartment silo

Arjaan De Feyter

House Zomergem

Pascal Francois

Residence GM


Craftsmen at work

We believe architecture and design are of primary importance, which is why we want to pay tribute to natural stone and its various applications . The symbiosis of technology, art and craftsmanship is a continuing endeavour.

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