A unique composition

The beauty of the materials we work with makes us want to use every piece of it.  In our workshop we identify valuable pieces that can be used as raw material for the unique terrazzo compositions we make. The result is no waste and dazzling new slabs, ready to be integrated into projects.

Tailored approach.

Although the history of terrazzo can be traced back to the ancient mosaics of Egypt, it is still possible to innovate in this area. We tailor a unique terrazzo composition to fit the needs of your project and use our latest technology to ensure a smooth installation. Our tailored terrazzo compositions are the foundation for every architect or designer to create outstanding architectural concepts and objects.


We are dedicated to transforming these treasures of raw material into architectural projects and unique valuable objects in close collaboration with skilled architects and designers. 

House DDS

Dominique Desimpel

Kitchen Unit JD

Joseph Dirand

House Olmen

Pascal Francois

Craftsmen at work

We believe architecture and design are of primary importance, which is why we want to pay tribute to natural stone and its various applications . The symbiosis of technology, art and craftsmanship is a continuing endeavour.

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