• Arjaan De Feyter
  • Travertino rosso
  • Lap®is
  • Brushed Oak
Like second residences, pool houses are fun to design: they’re not occupied full-time, so you can apply some crazier-than-usual ideas. Interior architect Arjaan De Feyter only needed to hear this once. Teaming up with architect Herman Boonen, he pulled out all the stops in this pool house–guest house.

De Feyter was especially expressive in his choice of materials. He boldly drew a corner bar in Italian pink travertine, something he says he had been wanting to do; he just needed the perfect client to give him the opportunity to use this unique natural stone. It not only jumps out because of its colour here, but also because of its sheer size: the bar looks like a big rock that was brought in straight from the quarry. Even the wall plugs can’t disrupt the travertine’s monolithic character; they were integrated into the stone wall. A feat of craftsmanship patented by Van Den Weghe under the name of Lap®is.

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If natural stone can look like a landscape, then this travertine is a shimmering horizon in a red hot desert. A petrified fata morgana. The natural stone’s horizontal pores highlight the pool house–guest house’s elongated form, creating a fascinating contrast effect with the vertical panels on the facade. Verticality also makes a subtle appearance in the brushstrokes on the cabinet wall, which hides a folding double bed. De Feyter had the oak boards hand-brushed in order to preserve all of their tactile qualities. This craftsman-like attention to detail shows De Feyter’s international stature.

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