La Patinoire Royale

  • Pierre Yovanovitch
  • Didyma
The immense hall of the former La Patinoire Royale skating rink in Elsene now houses the largest art gallery in Belgium. Owners Valérie Bach and Philippe Austruy turned the protected monument over to Pierre Yovanovitch who is, without a doubt, one of the most respected interior architects in the world. Following his well-known timeless, refined style, he designed a sculptural entrance hall with a marble wall. Indirect lighting, also integrated in the stairway’s handrail, directs the eye towards the big expo space. There, Yovanovitch placed a raised platform from which a white volume projects eccentrically. The white box does not impose itself on the space at all, even though its form contrasts with the neogothic vaulted ceilings and arched windows. The narrowing form and contrast between round and straight of the curved stairway at the back turn it into an architectural experience of its own.
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