Bathroom MC

  • Marc Corbiau
  • Pierre de Vals
  • Gris argento
In his book about his work, Marc Corbiau describes his architecture as ‘a quest for materials and proportions that bring harmony to their surroundings’. His objective is not a spectacular show, but a form of symbiosis. Hence his modest attitude as an architect: he does not see himself as an artist, but as a facilitator of light and space. While his use of form is indebted to Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe modernism, he takes a humbler approach vis-à-vis the landscape.

Geometry, light and matter, the three axes in Corbiau’s work, can also be felt in his private dwelling. The bathroom is like a diamond in the rough: you can almost feel the raw natural power of the speckled Pierre de Vals.  This quartzite natural stone is known from Christ & Gantenbein’s annex to the Kunstmuseum Basel and Peter Zumthor’s Thermes de Vals.  The stone’s application in large horizontal and vertical planes create rhythm that makes its physical impact even greater. A bathroom from the New Stone Age: a hedonistic cell to ground yourself in. 

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