Apartment LL

  • Glenn Sestig
  • Travertine
  • Kokinovrakos
  • Bronze
A private art dealer charged Glenn Sestig with converting a castle into a contemporary-art temple. The reception areas, offices, and exhibition rooms kept their classic proportions, but their grandeur is now definitely cosmopolitan. On the top floor, right under the roof, an artist’s residence / guest quarters was installed. The majestic suite is Glenn Sestigs meets Tom Ford. Two imposing columns, completely clad with travertine, set the entrance’s stately tone, directing the gaze toward a living room where a Vladimir Kagan elegantly rounds off the Hungarian point parquet’s tight pattern. But the penthouse’s highlight is the bathroom with luxury-hotel airs. Using a palette of Kokinovrakos marble, bronze, rosewood, and travertine, Sestig creates visceral architecture that leaves behind a deep impression.
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