Apartment BXL

  • Lionel Jadot
  • Jean-Michel Frank
  • Rosewood
  • Nosferato marble
Big is this pied-à-terre is not. But Brussels interior architect Lionel Jadot did turn it into a compact jewellery box. Gold ceilings, prestigious natural stone, with countless craftsman-like touches included. The Art Deco architecture of the apartment building itself was a very grateful source of inspiration for this microflat, although by his own account Jadot was guided more by Jean-Michel Frank and Mallet-Stevens than by Le Corbusier.

The inter-war finesse? You see it especially in the sophisticated contrasts between materials. Patinated brass vs opaline-glass lamps. Marble vs exotic rosewood, incorporated in the bar, table top and panelling. But the most modernist element is probably the chalk-white wall paint, typical of Bauhaus architecture’s ocean-liner style.

Still, Jadot did not get totally stuck in nostalgia. The kitchen and bathroom are distinctly contemporary statements with dandyish details. Cooking is done in a graphic composition of Statuario and Nosferato marble, hammered glass and steel. The bathroom is The Great Gatsby but in a 21st-century remix. Notice the hexagonal shower entrance in natural stone. And the cleverly placed mirrors that double the surface of the Calacatta marble walls, turning them into an open-book trompe-l’œil.

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